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Heavy Jelly | Green Vinyl

Heavy Jelly | Green Vinyl

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Released: 19th July, 2024
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Side A

  1. All Things
  2. Punk’s Dead
  3. Act Violently
  4. Isaac Is Typing…
  5. Bin Juice Disaster
  6. Worms on Tarmac

Side B

  1. John Wick
  2. Mirror Muscles
  3. Working Title
  4. The Mushroom and The Swan
  5. Everything and Nothing

Following their return with tracks 'Punk's Dead' and 'Mirror Muscles', Soft Play have announced their fourth studio album 'HEAVY JELLY', a career-high that holds a sense of love and appreciation for the bond at the front and centre of the band. The album is the band's first back as a duo since releasing side projects Baby Dave and LARRY PINK THE HUMAN. Recorded over a year between The Tunbridge Wells Forum, Laurie's garden studio, on tour, and finished at The Libertine's Studio, the songs on 'HEAVY JELLY' paint specific snapshots of the world around the band and amps up their sound and presence to something bolder and brighter than ever.

The LP features a zine inspired lyric inner sleeve with illustrations hand drawn by Laurie.

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